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Grace Aremu
Published by: Grace Aremu on 17-Nov-22
5 Easy Mistakes Article Marketers Make.

Being one of the many successful article marketers is something that can come easily. There are, however, things that you need to avoid that will keep you from being among the many more who used to be article marketers and are now struggling to make money. Done correctly, article marketing can see huge positive results in a very cost-effective way. Article marketing done poorly can be a huge waste of time, energy, and even money.

First mistake...making a boring title. Realize that the title of the article is going to be mixed in with quite a few others that your potential reader has to choose from. There are many of you competing for the same set of eyes. Don't let your title be something that will blend in with all the rest. Make sure it is something that will stand out and get noticed. Make sure that you don't get too crazy, and make sure that it is relevant to the topic you want to address, but still, be creative and you will stay competitive with other article marketers.

Second mistake...not having a clear purpose. What is the main reason you want the reader to read your article? Is there a goal that you have in mind? Be clear as to what you want them to do and give them plenty of reason to want to take the action you want them to take. Have a starting point and an ending point in planning your article and use everything in between to help them get from point 'A' to point 'B'. This is something that article marketers fail to do all too often.

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